Yoga iTeach

Remote Yoga Studio

How it Works - What is a Remote Yoga Studio?

Yoga iTeach is a place where  you can open your  own Remote Yoga Studio.  We provide you with a customizable website, class planning, and place for your students to login, get their remote class/lesson, upload their concerns or issues and for you to teach them yoga remotely.

Do you want to be a Yoga teacher but don’t have the time or money to run your own studio or be an employee at a yoga studio? Yoga iTeach enables you to have your own virtual studio where you can personally teach and coach students remotely and in YOUR time schedule. This is how it works;

1. Your student signs up for a monthly fee that you determine. This is the “golden ticket” Student Login access to you as a Yoga Teacher and a way for you to support yourself. Let’s say, you have 40 students paying you $76 a month. That is $3060 a month. What happens when that grows to 400 students a month? $30,600 a month! You might need to hire an assistant!

2. After your student logs in, they have access to all your classes, archives, and events. You create these items using any tool that you want; Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs, Facebook Groups, etc. and enter the links as a setup while logged in as a Teacher.

3. Your student goes to the link you provide them and logs in as a Student and has a problem; “I am having difficulty with the tree pose.” They might attach a video to show you what is happening (like falling over each time.)

4. You respond with either a helpful note, drawing, or recording a video that starts them on a modified tree pose or using props. This is all up to you.

5. For some students, you might create a special lesson every week or month for them based on their history. How you run your remote yoga studio is all up to you!

6. These issues and lessons can be responded to anytime during the day; late at night, early morning – it is not “live” so you can have a full-time job in the “other world” to support yourself while you build up students.

7.  We provide tools to help you run your remote yoga studio; a website that you customize with your own pictures, name, and words that you think are important to describe your remote yoga studio.  We have a class sequencing tool that enables you to design various class lessons for your students using  our pose and their instructions and graphics.  This is helpful if you also teach live classes.  We use your PayPal button for your students to easily sign up for monthly fees for your remote yoga studio; providing you with complete control over your students and their payments.  The money goes to YOUR PayPal account and your students can cancel at anytime by maintaining their PayPal Subscriptions.  We do not take a percentage or charge a transactional fee of your income.

New Yoga Teacher
$35 per month
  • Includes a free website, click on Demo to see a sample
  • 1-5 Students
  • PayPal coming soon!
Yoga Master
$89 per month
  • Includes a free website, click on Demo to see a sample
  • 6-40 Students
  • PayPal coming soon!
Power Yoga Studio
$332 per month
  • Up to 5 Yoga Instructors
  • 41-100 Students
  • PayPal coming soon!
Mega Yoga Studio
$1232 per month
  • 6-50 Yoga Instructors
  • 101-500 Students
  • PayPal coming soon!